Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of driving hard around a professional race track to your loved ones! There are few gifts that would put a larger smile anyone’s face than suiting up like a race car driver, race helmet and all, climbing into our track prepared V8 Ford GT Mustang and seeing what you can do around a professional race track. There is simply NO SUBSTITUTE!
You can easily buy this once a lifetime experience as an unforgettable gift for your loved one. We are open to the general public and those who simply want to experience the thrill of drive a race car and test their driving skills. Let us know how we can make your loved one’s special day THE PERFECT experience!

Gift Voucher Instructions:

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  1. Download the matching blank PDF Voucher for the program you would like to purchase below:
  2. Select the Buy Now” button.
  3. Complete your purchase.
  4. Locate your six digit “Voucher Code”. Located in your e-mail receipt.
  5. Fill in the blank voucher with your recipient’s name and voucher code.

Redeem a Voucher

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